the elements of your dream design

the editor to customize your design store product

the service for manufacturing automation

What do you get?

*Making the product selecting process more attractive.

*Auto price estimation.

*When a buyer adds a product to cart - we send you the docs describing what he exactly wants.

*Delegate development to 3rd party factory in the buyer's region.

*Earn selling your product dev docs.

What are dev docs?

*The user preferences list and calculated summary data like price estimation.

*NC code for machine milling.

*Drawings and renders.

*And more if you like.

More demo

More demo

How to use it

*Read the tutorial by the link below. It works only for prepared SVG files.

*Create or take the SVG file with your drwaing. Convert into the paths all shapes you want to cut. Add a special description to each path.

*Create the "blank" path. All shapes will be placed and sized relatively to the blank path.

*Upload the SVG file to the converter, adjust settings and click the "Add to Cart" button. We will send you the result on your email.

Read the full tutorial how to prepare SVG for CNC cutting.

How to join

*Request a trial.

*Select one of our models or develop your one. Select what do you want to receive as a custom data from editor.

*On your store product page, place the "Customize" button leading to the editor. Add the page for landing after user click the "Add to Cart" button.

*Receive the docs by download reference or email.

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